Friday, September 21, 2012

Philadelphia Freeway Represents Us All

Isn't that the way life works, suckaz? As soon as I diss something on Twitter (which I often do), I find something of value in the that thing I dissed. In this case it was a stupid slideshow by "Complex" magazine where people do "hilarious" photobombs. Lol? Not quite. Anyway, one of their photos was for Jay-Z on his "Made In America" promotional tour. Looks like fun: take pictures with rich guys who clearly love your music. Well Freeway is up there too, and his attitude really represents how we all feel about everything...

So we have Jay-Z doing his work, selling his brand or whatever, and Freeway is seperated from the situation. Like he is saying what we all say: I wat to seperate myself from the "business" side of rap. Then, his attitude is like "Fuck this shit", which is what we would all say. Plus, Freeway used to be tight with J, and now he is stepping away as J enters the business world. I am doing the same thing. A picture is worth a thousand words right?

IN CONCLUSION: Nice Job Freeway. Uh, live long and prosper.


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