Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City": Worst Track

Yeh. U know the drill. Some people have a lot to say about Kendrick Lamar's latest album, but not me. I like it a lot and I've played it a ton of times because it's good. It's great! If you don't have it BUY IT AND YOU'LL LIKE IT! That's the Tort Team Guarantee*! Plus it has a song with MC Ehit! What are you waiting for?
*Not guaranteed in WA, OR, ID, or MT because those places have no idea about hip hop.

Okay. So what was I saying again? Oh, "Good Kid, Maad City"  is good. Maybe not this good (actually, don't watch this video, it's the worst):

Good grief. Don't watch that. It's Game and Snoop passing the torch or something with a lot of profanity. Chilllllllllllllll dudes. We get it. Swearing. I don't know if Snoop has the torch to pass anymore. Maybe in 1993...but not now. I think it's a rule: you forefit any and all torches when you sign with No Limit Records. But, GAME...I respect him so I'll let this slide.

SO ANYWAY! This is a great album, but one song has such a shitty beat and it sucks the worst on the album. The song is called "good kid" and I can honestly say that I was surprised to discover that it was produced by Pharrell. Sure Pharrell and I have our differences (like when his stupid team blocked me on Twitter), but he usually produces things that aren't the worst on the album. Not this time though.

So, let's listen to a good track from the album, then we'll spin the worst track from the album.

So this is a good song:

See. SO GOOD. And produced by DJ Dahi. I don't know who that is! 

Now for the WORST:

What a buzzkill. Buzzkilington. Kenderick does a good job. But, Pharrell, what the f is that beat. It's very boring. You boringed up the middle of a good album. So dull. Nice job. You took something good and ruined it. You made the "skip" song. Plus, I bet with a different producer this song could have been okay.

IN CONCLUSION: I still like you Pharrell even though you are doing a lot of things to push me away. Ruining Kenderick's album (kind of). Blocking me on Twitter. This, which is so embarrassing and so the worst. I guess what I'm saying is CLEAN UP YOUR ACT PHARRELL. It's time. It's time to stop being like this:

DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO THAT! Unles you like to think you're different by coping the styles of everyone else. "Look I'm different! But I'm the same as this huge group of teenagers and Pharrell." Pharrell, you're the worst. Get back up. i am OTHER is lame. Get back up. You screwed up Kenderick's album. GET BACK UP. I'll never be like you. GET BACK UP. You're a money whore poser. Stay down. Ya Bish!

good kid SCORE 4/10
i am OTHER SCORE 0/10

Pharrell Poppin' Bottles and Being Ture to himself Pepsi
 Shit I can't leave you with that image...let's go with another Kenderick:



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