Thursday, February 7, 2013

Driicky Graham "Snapbacks & Tattoos"

Can you believe that we've been around for twenty-five years and we haven't reviewed a Driicky Graham song yet? No. FUCK YOU. We haven't. In fact, we haven't reviewed a classic Snapback song since the Stack Boys. We're slackin' on the snapbackin', sonny.

If you don't know, Driicky Graham is an eleven year old North Carolina native who is bitter rivals with both T.I. and AZ because they both just use letters for their names. That's 100% true, look it up on your search engine.

Anyway, if there is one thing I like it's Snapbacks because they just look so nice for any occasion. Riding with your mom to BK, buying Halo 3 used at the pawn shop, or even skipping out on synagogue cuz it's so boring (#YOLO), the snapback is the preferred look if you want to make a statement (that you're a dunce bag club poppler).

And Tattoos. So cool. Just get a ton of them and you'll never regret it. Ever. And if you want to upgrade just tattoo over that shit. Boom. A mom heart easily becomes a dragon. A tribal easily becomes a dragon. An owl (for the ladies) easily becomes a dragon. Why would you not have a tattoo?

OH SHIT! What about a tattoo of a snapback? Perfect. If that isn't in this video I'm going to shit on it with a "0/10" score, because a smart artist like Driicky Graham should have definitely thought of that before.

What else? Oh, I've never heard of this guy before, and I would never listen to this song except to kick the shit out of it in a review. Let's listen/watch.

Snapbacks and tattoos
Penelope and Tom Cruise
sick grab the tissues
NyQuils®and DayQuils®
Go to the hospital
Roll on ya stretcha
Holla at the ladies
Caught up in traction

HAHAHA. I still haven't listened to it. I was just doing some B.S.. #sorry. I'll listen to it now.


Eeeee. Yikes. Absolutely nothing new here. Except maybe a stupid way about singing about tattoos. Hats. Cars. Girls. Money. Repeat. Driicky let's me know that I'm now in Swag School. Dude, don't you know I dropped out of school and I'll continue to drop out of all schools.


 So, Driicky. Can I call you Driicky? Let me get this straight. You say:

"Snapbacks and tattoos. Nice whips, fly chicks, all that, because cash rules."

How exactly is cash ruling connected to Tattoos? I don't understand the connection. Costco Connection? Explain. Explain why your raps suck. You say nothing new at all. Shit, this is just nonsense. Just like that little rap I wrote before. Fuck. Just listing things you like (that everyone likes (honestly)) then you just say things that are in every mixtape ever. So stupid.

IN CONCLUSION: Look, this is pretty basic. No tattoo of a snapback = no points.


tat #swag where ur snapback at

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