Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trackmasters: Method Man "Stimulation" feat. Blue Raspberry

Okay, so YO! We’re phoning it in today with an “in-depth” look at an underappreciated cut off of Method Man’s debut album Tical. That’s right, we’re looking at “Stimulation” produced by the RZA and featuring Blue Raspberry, two people who were featured heavily on the album (especially the RZA since he produced the whole thing). I know that it might be a stretch for me to say that this song is underappreciated becasuse it’s never listed as either one of Method Man’s best or worst songs, it’s somewhere in the middle. That’s where I would rank it (actually more toward the top). So it’s probably accurately appreciated….so that was a waste of a whole paragraph. #salute.

Let’s get busy on ‘em…

So I’ll start with the production then we’ll get at the lyrics. This production is fucking raw. That snare sounds like it was pulled right out of the trash. The violin sounds like it was pulled from a horror movie, and then you’ve got heavy bass going on throughout the track. Add in a harp and the RZA made an incredibly complex rugged beat with just a few elements. But he didn’t stop there, he layered in digital sounds, some off-putting jazz sounds, an organ, and Blue Raspberry singing. It’s genius. But who cares about the technical stuff: the important thing is that this song is rugged as hell, this is the kind of beat Method Man needs. I don’t think that a song this rugged could be made today thanks to computers and technology. Everything has to sound perfect to the point it becomes sterile and boring, this shit is rough cut and hard as hell: it is perfect.

As for the lyrics, Method Man kills it. Actually, let me back up for a second. The vocal production on Meth’s voice is also amazing, not only is it layered brilliantly, there is absolutely no echo, but sometimes there is. Sometimes Meth’s voice blends with the beat perfectly and sometimes his rhymes dominate. Sometimes it sounds like Meth is right next to the mic and sometimes it sounds like he’s on the other side of the room. It’s very active vocal production and it’s the best anyone could do ever. Shouts to the RZA and Meth.

So how does Meth do? Well, let’s start with most people’s stumbling block, the chorus:

Let's come together for the stimulation
Meth-Tical hit 'em with the stimulation
Can everybody feel the stimulation
Meth-Tical hit 'em with the stimulation

I agree that it reads bad, but when Blue Raspberry is singing it RZA has her sounding like an angel trapped in a tunnel. It’s more background noise than an in-your-face chorus. The elements that stand out more are the outro (by Meth):

Wu-Tang clan, forever
No we don't die we just multiply forever, and ever, and ever...

I know that’s a bit juvenile and simplistic but it works. Same with the intro:

One, Two; One, Two; One, Two
I get’s busy on ‘em, I get’s busy on ‘em…

As for the meat of the verses, Meth makes simple lines seem complex while he innovates with his flow. He does this again and again on this one track. The first example comes early in the first verse:

Flowin' like the ocean (bluuuue)
I be comin' for your (crewwww)
Flyin' guillotine (styyyyle)
With the name Meth-Tical
Is it goin’?
Is it goin’?
Is it gone?
If I ain't on ya records then the shit ain't really on

The words in parenthesis are separated from the line with an odd echo and the effect is dope. The flow is incredible. Meth pulls an equally clever trick in his second verse. After a rhyme in his normal flow Meth flips it up and starts spitting like a machine gun:

Brothers want the drama but don't know how to act
Until the chrome pointed at his dome head crack…

The lines come monotone, perfectly timed to fill each bar, and relentless.  He pulls a change up again and we’re hit with this:

Ill block nigga get rocked like by the dozen
Whaddup cousin?
Now give a pound to that lounge nigga
Peace, my MZA, killa hills 10304…

It’s like a stutter stepped machine gun. Method Man masterfully flips his technique over and over again in this track. He is definately one of the most talented MCs ever to touch a mic. This is a perfect Method Man track, every element tightens its grip around your neck to choke you out. There’s no escape from something this powerful.

Stimulation Score 10/10

Throw ya hands in the air if you want ‘em there.

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