Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feedback: The Loud Pack “why so serious”

HEY YO! A lot of the feedback we get for this blog goes something like this: “Y U  HATIN?” or "u so dum". In fact, that’s like ninety percent of our feedback, the other ten percent is people asking us to review something like they don't know that we're sharks. Trust me, you don't want us to mock review your work. Whatever though. Fine. That’s life. We’re very busy jerks and we do a lot of hating because almost everything we hear is incredibly wack and we got tired of eating gross bologna in like 1999. If we wrote a post about every terrible song we came across we’d be publishing at least ten posts a day. Word up. We'd have to hire like fifty people. NO WAY!

Just to be clear, we TRY to spread love too. If we hear something dope, we’ll usually post it or at least tweet it. But when you dig as deep into the underground as we do, the chances of finding gold are slim. We do discover a lot of crap though.

So today we’ve decided to change things up and focus on the love. But since we can’t really find anything good right now, we’ll just go with the crowd. We’ll take a look at the fan comments on a song by The Loud Pack called why so serious. I don’t know who The Loud Pack is, but I know a lot of people commented on their song. SO LET’S CHECK THAT OUT? WHY NOT? Since there are over eighty comments, we’ll just list the top ten most incomprehensible. Easy:


10. "Cool brov....:-)))", 2.23, newgarden81
I almost let this one slide since the word "brov" reminds me of the Cocoa Brovaz, but then I saw the ":-)))" and I gave this the number 10 slot. Props to ya stupid comment newgarden81.

9. "Yes breddas u mans r doin it big! good look for da add!!how did u cum across Ma track?", 2.32, $TAYBLAZE
Do we even have to point out the "breddas"? Or the "u mans" or the "cum" or the "Ma track"?  This is just a mess, that's it. We also want to know who wrote this, it looks like one of The Loud Pack, but it's really hard to tell.

8. "ayee this beat go too hard", 0.41, YD_YungDallas
Is too hard a bad thing? Is "ayee" a thing at all?

7. “This sicc checc my page I got some beat u gon like fam” 0.29, H.R. The Producer
A little promotion in a compliment never hurt anyone right? And can anyone ever use too many "c"s? Nopeccc.

Only Big Pun could pull off a "YEEEAH" like that, and the "wave master" reference is totally lost on us. Yeah, we're dumb, but at least we keep our caps lock off most of the time, Jean.

5. "be shaw to comment on ym tings yo....", 3.36, J ROKKA - Record Producer
What tings? Shaw?

4. "shit slap brodie keep dat shit rockin. *Nina Ross", 0.59, NinaRoss
Who is brodie and why is he being shit slapped *Nina Ross.

3. "Oh My Gooood", 2.30, Beats
I see what you were going for here Beats, but the extra "o" turns "god" into "good" and makes for a dumbass donkey skunk comment.

2. “narly beat breds…”, 0.18, J Rokka
J Rokka is back with another entry! I have NO IDEA what a "bred" is, and even though I love this spelling of gnarly, I don't love it enough to understand how anyone could write the comment. SMARTEN UP J ROKKA!

1. "Busy man wickered", 2.08, Broken Axe
At no point in my life has this comment ever entered my mind while listening to anything.

Honorable Mentions:

“reallu good.... good luck!! I Lov it”, 0.25, Enaïd
I know "reallu" is just a simple typo, but what about "Lov"?

"crazy for this one friends, swaggy", 1.29, FUTURE ΔLΔRM
Never say "swaggy" asshole.

"disgusting b eat", 1.59, Grizzly88
That space makes me hungry, but not for anything disgusting.

"yh tunes dope brothers!!", 2.16,
Besides the "yh" the word "brothers" spelled properly looks weird. Slang it up jerk.

"bro this track is unreal! very very good the levels need to be messed around with abit more but bro. vox turn down bass louder! :D", 2.06, EMGEE
This one didn't make the top ten because I was able to figure out what EMGEE was saying, it just took a long time. Like a year.

"original ideas. lots of interesting stuff here. I wouldn't like to meet you guys down a dark alley though :-)", 2.25, DamonBreakz
LOLOLOL You're too funny DamonBreakz :--), you're also an idiot. I would hate to meet you in a dark alley because you might try to tell me a joke.

"BOLD!", 1.49, Kristina Owsiak
Who in the hell would call a song (or a part of a song) "bold".  The president? Your doctor? Idiotic comment Kristina get off the internet forever.


IN CONCLUSION: Done. And no worse for wear. As always, fans are idiots. And this song isn't that good. I mean it was recommended to us becasue of the beat, and the beat is okay, but holy crow, fix your sound levels and kick at least two guys out of the crew, Loud Pack. But keep at it! We hope you achieve all your dreeeeaaaammmmsss and get all the moneeee$$$$yyy, breds.

Fan Score 0/10

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