Thursday, April 12, 2012

Say What? U-God "Hungry"

Sound the horns! It's time to take this blog into uncharted territory and attack the gross secret underbelly of the internet: LYRICS WEBSITES. I'll be the first to tell you that they are the worst. Why? Well, they're all in cahoots (meaning they all have the exact same lyrics). All the lyrics are 60% wrong, not just with spelling but with the words that are rapped being transcribed absolutely wrong. I mean the song will say that someone is "reppin' hard" and the lyrics will say that the guy is "eating toast". Every time. We don't like to post blatantly wrong lyrics on the blog so a lot of time we have to go in and edit them using our own listening skillz, and I'll tell you, it's a mess because it's so hard.

So we picked a short song by U-God ("Hungry") to do a side-by-side comparison. Our lyrics against their lyrics. We'll see how wrong everyone is but us. Kill 'em. Oh, but before we start I have three more points to make about internet lyrics:

-The more popular the song, the better the online lyrics.

-Lyrical transcription is hard, and sometimes there is just no way to tell what someone is saying, in that case we usually make it clear that we don't know with [brackets]. Most lyrics websites just print whatever.

-RapGenuis is sometimes much better than generic lyrics websites for hip hop lyrics. I want to emphasize the "SOMETIMES". Usually the lyrics are exactly the same as everyone else, but when they are not they are usally only 40% wrong.

So here we go. The internet lyrics are from and are on the left in Bold and Black, Suspected errors are underlined ; my version is on the right, in green, and not bold.


SeekLyrics (link| Tort Team Transcribe

Hungry Lyrics By U-god | "Hungry" lyrics by U-God

I hit the concrete | I hit the concrete,

Show and proove to all the ruff man | show and prove to all the ruff men,

in stove fuse burn it's bomb week | when the slow fuse burn it's bomb week,

Watch when i snug e'm | watch when I snuff 'em

You won't see nutin But the dust | You won't see nothin’ but the dust

when the mightiest to the finest crust | when the mightiest of fighters crush

The blindest the vodka's don't yo | The blindness divides us though, yo.

We rabbit the land unkind | we ravage the land unkind,

it's hard to manage | it's hard to manage

Fbi And the public eye | FBI an’ the public eye,

The rap seems sord of savage | the rap seems sort of savage

but those Live in the math | but those livin' the math,

As doc cash livin fast | is die-cast livin’ fast

Shang fool anger | Shank move anger,

Consealed in ims | concealed in an iron mask

Out the ass of the 36 chamber | Out the ass of the 36 Chamber,

God get a grasp | God, get a grasp

It's rhyme time | It's rhyme time,

Time's is gettin harder | times is getting’ harder,

Damn he spoilled rotten | Damn, he spoiled rotten,

Hot livin colla | hot blended collar

Remember when coke was $18.00 a gram | Remember when coke was eighteen dollars a gram,

Now i was a scholar for sellin bottles | and I was a scholar for sellin’ bottles?

Now im in the high class models | Now I’m into high-class models,

Never to rest | never to rest

Material's his eyes On fire on my chest | Material desires, on fire on my chest,

Stress full throttle | Stress full throttle

Russian's still place yard | Rushin’ still, place in the yard,

testin my strengh | testin’ my strength

Fuck you with my motto "huff" | 'Fuck you' is my motto, [huff]

Here why ??????? for survivel | Any arrival I strive for survival,

i monster truck you | I monster truck you

Buck you some more | Buck you some more,

You be stuck to the wall | You be stuck to the wall

with a big fuck you fuck you | with a big 'fuck you, fuck you'

In the search continue | And the search continue

I build to fill my cup | I build 'em and fill my cup

For peace of american life | for a peace of American life

I don't really give a fuck | I don't really give a fuck.

I don't wanna die | I don't wanna die

i don't wanna go | I don't want to go,

I wan't total knowledge | I want untold knowledge

i don't wanna be hold | I don't wanna be old,

left in the cold | left in the cold

pickin up Our garbage | pickin’ out the garbage

My lung's are grungy | My lungs are grungy,

die harder four course | die harder for a cause

swash by diction | squashed by a diction

in the graph man | an’ then they grabbed him an’

lord’s hungry | lord was hungry

IN CONCLUSION: Well that was dumb. And what a waste of time. So I think the bottom line is that nobody understands the lyrics of the songs they love...or the songs they have to research for a dumb blog like this one. I QUIT!

Internet Lyrics Score 0/10

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