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Say What? Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "1st Of Tha Month"

As long as we’re spending an eternity on BONE, I think it’s time that we addressed the Elephant Bone in the room: BONE THUGS N HARMONY songs are hard to understand. Honestly, back in the day when I would spin something by Bone, I would understand about 10% of the lyrics and then just trust that the rest of the track was good. It was a leap of faith. I trusted Bone to deliver, even when I wasn’t sure if they were delivering. Faith, like when you plant a seed or something.

Why are they hard to understand? Well, all the harmony for one thing. The ridiculously layered voices don’t help either. The sing-song flow is also a problem as it emphasizes odd syllables and stretches out sounds to the point of incomprehension. Sometimes they rhyme slow and sometimes they rhyme quick. Nice and smooth. Also there is the issue of Ohio slang and maybe accents. Who knows? It used to sound dope, then it was just a thing, then it got old, and then everyone forgot about it, then G.W. Bush got elected, then a lot of time past and here we are. Done. The history of the world.

Today we are going to keep kicking Dead Horse Bone and try to examine the lyrics to Bone’s enormous hit 1st of Tha Month, everybody’s favorite in 1997. But I’m not going to use any lyrical websites, I’m just going to try to transcribe the lyrics myself. Fun? Yes. Fun and impossible. And just to make things interesting IF I DON’T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING I’M GOING TO GUESS OR JUST WRITE THE SOUNDS THAT I HEAR. I’m WRITIN’ it LIKE I HEAR IT. This is going to be a MESS! LET’S GO, Outer Space Kids, ENT, BMW

P.S. I'm using the Radio Edit becasue it's funnier, and the Feat. Tre version becasue it stinks.

“First of the Month” by Bone Thugs in Harmony
- Radio Cut
(Crickets, snoring, Rooster squawking…alarm clock ringing)


Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.
It’s the first of the mooooooonth.
So, get up. Get up. Get up.
So, cash your checks and come ooooooon.
(repeat x4)

[Verse 1]
Today mas I think it’s a wonderful daaaaaay
And I won’t fight with puh why
Cuz it’s the first of the moooonth
And now we smoking choking
Rollin bluds
And sipping on forty ounnces
Thugginnnn’, comme comme
We got to nuts font roam
Stay buntin'
An allll nights we riiiiide
A da black to wear
East Ninety-niine
I get with my partner to get me some yay so
Double ecked ah
That’s what you neeeed
We got tweed to get P.O.D.
Fiend for the green leave
Give it up for the first to shoow
Better lay low
Cuz the pup pup creep wit the row so
Break if you can’t get away
Better toss that yayo keep your bank roll
We havin’ a ceeeleeeebrationn
Love to stay hiii
You can whenever leave
When it’s time ta grind
I’m down for mine
Criiime after criiiime
From the greep to the bag
Cuz moms got a grub on the grill
If we got the fooo, ooo         
You know it’s the first of the month
And my chewls we thugs for reeal

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2]
Wake up.
An I see nah my sister was already dress
She said um my really gon’ get my stands
Watch and make sure no one snatches my check
And then that’s the maiil maaaan
Sort through the mail now
Put it up inta me pocket
So that we head to the ninety nine
And giving it up a faulty napkins
Buddy no bucket prod deck, Rita
Hop on return to the click
Ready to get em up with a me thugs
And to catch that dumb, man I gotta get red
Plaaaaya, plaaaaya, holllla, hollllla
Saint Clair got much to offfer
When um my peeps on ninty threeeee
A open the glock glock for some dollaaaars
Sooooo, get a bag of yayo and corner roooow, ooooh
Most done of my thugsters got the same
And we gonna run it all up the smoke toe
An we’re nah choose the hyydroooo
With no other cutsss, Interrupted a Po-po
Tossded the cane on den low
With the braun in same mo
Runnin thru the alley in in a Malley
Hop in the second a sundial
Nose run from
January, Novemebr, December
I’m lovin’ the first of the mun

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3]
It’s the first of the mun
Gotta grind gotta get mine
In the hood that I claim
And I slang on the double nine (nine)
Gotta find them dubs
Godageta forty
Can a thug get love, whuz up
Come and thug on my corner
Banga be a goner
Saint Claire thugs don’t like that
And sellin them dummies, makin that money
Come back automatic slug crack

From the first to the fifteenth
Thug em up forda cheese

but I gotta save gotta come up
put it all in a cub
when I get blowed at da corner stow

grab a cubble ohs
start a road to the bazz
Counted my profit and added to the stassh
Gotta watch my backseeeeat
Play hataz

be out to rob me, foools
But never no shorts or no losses
Dumpin keepin these buzzies up off meee
See, could’ve serve the whole block
Spend a couple bills
Thugs burn a lotta green on the first

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4]

Wakin' up to the bulds
up Friday in the mornin'
Scrach and I'm gone in
lightweight bet Chug-a-lug-a
Take a fits to the dome
Stead a ge co my truuues
(but i'm dannon first)so i'm gettin my hustle on
Hop on the phone
Callin up Crazy Bone
Waannaa know, did ya O.G. Check Coome?
"She put me doowwnn"I'm hoppin the bus with biz a bub
You know lets get drunkAnd I'm comin with parcha of that fump

from hump here I come
Humpty just put me down (nah nah)
Oh God how I love when the first come around
now me forget me blacket mal (wow)
Runnon through town
cuz see the first get celebrated
Rushin to the block cuz i want to get faded
lookin on why, cuz I'm needed me hair braided
Heavy off in to this game
took to the first
just call me that pole slang
them regas on the east to the west coast

makin that money all accross the world maaanee
Saint Claire Trues

and I know their working laate toonight
but they gotta make a livin
so I ask the lord to keep my homeboys allright

when we come the duba ennnds
all about making more

on the first get a fifth but don't flip
get in line fo the pumstas
poetic hustlaz
and the graveyard shift
on the fiiiirst
[Chorus x8]

Wasn’t that fun? No? I agree. It was a FREAKAING NIGHTMARE It took me hours to do this and as I look back at my work I see that it was all a waste. Dust in the wind. Crud in the blog.

IN CONCLUSION: A long time ago my friend got lifted for the first time. He praised the experience and he said that the best part about it was that he could “understand all the lyrics to Bone”. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know that nobody could understand any lyrics to Bone ever. Bone’s lyrics are tough to understand. My work here doesn’t help, in fact it emphasizes the problem. So,  print this out, put a stamp on it, and send it to your dad in 1995, he’ll know what to do with it if he isn’t listening to Sound Garden or whatever the hell losers listened to back then.


Rollin bluds

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