Thursday, October 4, 2012

12:51, meet P. Alin the Drone

AHOY FRIENDS, and ahoy to everyone else. Greetings. Not long ago we posted a stupid post where we put MCs 12:51 and 12 O'Clock in a senseless "rap battle" to see who would "rule the twelve o'clock hour". 12:51 "won" and that was the end of that. Looking back, I realize that I had a lot more to say about these two guys (mainly their names, and mainly dumb shit).

First of all, the reason that I wrote about 12 O'Clock is that I respect him. I still like his shit from the Tales From The Hood soundtrack, and that shit came out in 1995. #Respect & #Salute. Put out some dope new shit and figure out a way to let people know.

Now for RacecaR. The reason I wrote about him is that I CURRENTLY LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC. He is regularly on spin with me, but it's usually because of his collaborations, which is fine. Keep up the collabos.

Okay, so now that we're done with that we have to remember that this is a humor blog, but sometimes we don't have anything funny to say so we just say dumb shit. It should be our motto: "Posting Dumb Shit". That's a dumb motto! We're fulfilling our destiny.  So in the light of turning this post from a straight up #respect post to something "dumb", we're going to answer the question "What's up with the name 12:51, anyway?".

So my first thought is how that name would look on a record.

Looks good. It's like a palindrome or some shit (that means it's the same forwards and backwards). I know that upside down it says "15:21" and the same with backwards, but maybe that's the magic. Maybe it's a code. Almost a palindrome. National Treasure shit!

"I get it!"
Now, as for the name RacecaR. That's a straight up palindrome.  I don't really understand why someone would be named that, but it is what it is.


Think different - Apple. So to take this a little further, I was thinking that 12:51 could be the palindrome rapper. He could just rap some palindromes and the people would love it (that's pretty easy right).


Why not? And he could change his name again to reflect his palindrome status. Or just add an alias. Let's brainstorm an alias:

Palindrone - too straightforward
Pal (or Pally) - too grandpa
Dro - isn't there already a guy named that?
Rone - Uh, pass
Rome - okay, but too similar to Lil' Romeo
Palin - NO!!!
Alin Drone - Hmmmm.
P. Alin - Better
P. Alin the Drone - NAILED IT

Tell me that this won't sell in Chicago:

"thazz cool but some ppl will confuse P.Alin w P.Diddy" - YOU
"iz P.Alin Diddy's son??? #celebkidz" - trending

Of course P. Alin will be confused with P. Diddy. And OF COURSE people will think P. Diddy had a kid from Chicago named him P. Alin the Drone. Duh. It's marketing. Plus, I think people will figure out that 12:51 doesn't have anything to do with Diddy when they hear that he is talented at rapping.

IN CONCLUSION: Respect to 12:51 and 12 O'Clock. Go to their shows. Go buy their music. No Napster. No Limewire or whatever you use to steal from artists.

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