Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote Cappa 2012: "97 Mentality"

This blog officially endorses Cappadonna for the 2012 Presidential Election of the United States. Cappa stays fat like Roseanne. Vote on that shit.

YO! WORD! Ladies and gentelmen: CAPPADONNA!

"YO! My devastatin' hot 97 mentality, keep me on point for my four digit salary. Heavy weight lyric, never lost one calorie, I'm soon to be seen, on a TV screen..."

This is it. The big moment. Who will you choose in the most important* election in our great nation's history? Will you vote for the rich guy? Or the other rich guy? I'm sure whoever you choose will make a huge difference! #votebig. Now, I'm sure you've guessed that our blog series supporting Cappadonna for president has been paid for by several super PACs, with a total value of $1.37billion. Full disclosure. The super PACs want you to vote for real hip hop, and we've decided to support the great CAPPADONNA.
*Everyone says that every election.

This song is his final appeal. His best work. His best foot forward. Please listen:

Artist: Cappadonna featuring Ghostface Killa
Song: "97 Mentality"
Producer: The RZA
Album: The Swarm
Release Date: July 21, 1998

Another Wu-Banger.

This song is clearly trying to duplicate the genius of "Winter Warz", and guess what: it does. It's not quite as impactful since it's basically a solo track and we already know what Cappadonna is capable of. Yet, Cappa basically directs lightening to strike twice. So, what was the genius of Winter Warz? Cappa drops a two minute verse and bodies every second of it. It came out of nowhere and hits like fast punches in boxing (whatever that is called, look it up).

"97 Mentality" is basically the same thing except for three major differences. One, I already mentioned: Cappa is basically solo here. Two: the beat is one of the best ever. Three: Ghost drops one of the best hooks ever at the end of the track.

To the year, born god / All the gods strike hard
Fast from the swine, hold down the boulevard
Father-U to C-Cypher, Start the revolution
Middle finger in the air for slang prostitution

Game over man. Try to keep that from getting stuck in your head. But aside from that, we have Cappadonna speaking on his platform:

"So what up with that kid? danger when I attack kid
Watch how the slang hits you, just like a bat kid
Form another pyramid, look how we slid
All over Park Hill, Stapleton politic
On a twenty dollar bill all in it together
You can't fuck with the stormy weather, yaknahmean"

I DO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. Case closed. If that doesn't hit you then maybe you should vote for one of the other losers. I know what I'm doing on voting day: filling in the bubble for Cappa, 2012. Bust the system right in the wrinkle.


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