Monday, November 19, 2012

Vote Cappa 2012 (You Blew It): "Slang Editorial"

This blog officially endorses endorsed Cappadonna in the 2012 Presidential Election of the United States. Whatever, you blew it with whoever you voted for.

Remember a long time age we had to vote for president, and we were like #fuckTheVote and you were like #OBAMA or #ROMNEY. And we we like #VoteCappa because we like the world famous Wu-Tang MC Cappadonna and we wanted to write about him during the election cycle and also we wanted to mock the whole thing. Well, guess what, Cappadonna didn't win. YOU CAUSED THIS. WHATEVER HAPPENS IS ON YOU.
Please, let me show you who you could have had leading the country...and might I remind you that Cappadonna wouldn't have needed a Vice President becasue he's that good. 

Well, this is the first solo track off his first solo album. He jumped off this good. How did you jump off? (hint: weak)

Artist: Cappadonna
Producer: True Master 
Album: The Pillage
Release Date: March 24. 1998

Killa Bees got it locked D. Got it locked D.  

Fuck. I gotta hear the album version of this shit. No Edits...


"I come correct, 22 outfits and a mic check."

Word. Yo. I'll be honest, this beat is insane. Shout to True Master. This is top shelf shit. Choice Select. But I think the icing here is the chorus. It's genius:

My slang is editorial
explicit material
Breiefcase, yo
Live in stereo flow
Feel me, Donna Realty
Set the black people free
Killa Bees got the best stee
Killa Bees got it locked D
Got it locked D

But yo, the verses are kind of weak on this one. But don't think about that! There are still some crazy lines. Mad creative. This is a good track...


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