Wednesday, December 19, 2012

U-God's Resume #73, "Drama"

--Official Stats--
Artists: The Hillside Scramblers
Song: "Drama"
Producer: Leatha Face
Album: UGODZ-ILLA Presents The Hillside Scramblers
Release Date: March 16, 2004

OMG O.M.G. OMG O.M.G. This is getting so difficult to review. I honestly have no interest in listening to "Drama" by the Hillside Scramblers featuring Leatha Face, Kawz, INF-Black, and U-God and produced by Leatha Face. The track record of this album thus far is the pits. 100% Wack. 100% Rookie.

So this shit came out in early 2004, it's safe to say this was U-God's big project during the end of 2003. I wonder what the other Clansmen were up to during this time period.

Method Man: Probably working on "Tical 0: The Prequel" with Puffy. - WACK
RZA: Maybe working on Kill Bill Vol. 2? Writing a book? - DOPE
Ghostface Killah: Working on "The Pretty Toney Album" - DOPE
Inspectah Deck: Relaxing - DOPE 
Masta Killa: Working on "No Said Date" - DOPE
Raekwon: Reflecting on his mistakes - DOPE
ODB: NY Legal System - WACK
GZA: Relaxing? - GET TO WORK

So, U was doing the worst out of everyone with the exception of ODB. But the difference was that ODB didn't choose to get caught up. U-God did choose this shit. U-God would have been better off talking the GZA route and relaxing for '03 instead of making this shit.

 Lets' go...


Ke-ke-ke-ke-ka-KEYBOARDS! That sound like shit. But this is worse:

"If you don't want the drama........bust yo gun.
You don't want the drama........Here I come."

I'll just tell you right now: I don't want drama, therefore I must bust my gun and take down whoever sung that wackass chorus. Is wackass one word or two? Wack Ass. Probably two. Can I tell you that I never really had a gun.

It's a shame becasue the first verse sounds ok, but the beat is so wack that no rapping could make the shit work. U-God, the biggest hitter in the crew comes wack over this beat...and he may have been on time. We'll never know.

What a piece of shit.


Track Score: 0/10
U-God’s Score: 0/10
Impact on Rep (+,-,=): None (nobody heard this)

Next Week: It goes on and on and on. We're like 12 songs into an 18 song album.
About this series: “U-God’s Resume" is a series of posts which looks at each line of U-God’s entire career to determine if his status as ‘wack’ is justified (as labeled by internet morons). I think it is not. U-God is dope. We'll prove it. Leave it to the Tort Team.

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