Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yo! Check Out My Necklace: Rick Ross

Yo! Check Out My Necklace: Rick Ross

So we all know that everybody loves Rick Ross.  Who could forget that one song he had about money, you know "Maybach Music 2"?  I mean you love Rick Ross, and so do your friends, plus everyone in Florida and high school. So everybody. It's not up for debate. But I guarantee that even more people like Rick Ross's Rick Ross necklace. A necklace of his face.  I know this is old news but it's also trilla news, and I can't pass that up.  I mean it's no wonder he's in a yacht clubHe started out as a correctional officer and went on to become a billionaire, so of course he would have the most amazing necklace ever.  He went from nothing to something (a necklace of his own face). That necklace is going hammer.  He probably didn't even have this made, he just wished for it and it was there. I mean he probably didn't even wish for it specifically, he probably just said something like "I wish I had the best necklace ever that nobody could steal."  And poof there it was in his wine cellar, and he was like "Is that a mirror? No? Better!  It's precsious metal formed into the shape of my face.  Swagga."

It's rare that something this profound comes around and unites us.  See, now that's how you get promoted to BO$$, get a necklace of your own face.

This is not BO$$ because it mocks the real BO$$ and it looks like a muppet.

Necklace Score: 10/10

Two normal guys.

Nobody is reminded of this, right?

Make sure you check out Skool Boy's equally respectable necklace collection.

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