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Febdrakeuary: 55 Ways You Know You're a Drake Fan

Not long ago we were exploring the internet and discovered "10 Things You Should Know About Drake" on a Drake fan site ( We learned a lot of things about Drake that day that we should have already known apparently. For example, we learned that Drake looks in the mirror and also loves top ten lists! So we are reviewing a top ten list today! Actually, it's a top 55 list. HOLY CRAP!!!!!! 55 is A LOT, but at least this should settle it once and for all: are we Drake Fans or aren't we? The original article is Bolded Gray, Tort Team Comments are Green Italics (we also omitted the "You know your a Drake fan..." from the start of each item becasue that whole thing would be repeated every time, NO THANKS)...

"You Know Your A Drake Fan When…"

by Team Drake (lol)

If you ever think about it, when do you draw the line and think to your self, “Wow I’m really a Drake fan” lol. Here’s a long list compiled from different fans of why they’re Drizzy fans or aka Team Drake! Some of these are pretty funny. Once you get done going through all the reasons, think about why you know your a Drake fan. :P

1. You know you’re a Drake fan when your tearing up at the TML signing on camera.
Right off the bat: I'm not a fan I guess. I've never teared up at "the TML" singing anywhere (is TML "Thank Me Later"?). Plus I'm not a fan of confusion between "you're" and "your".

2. ...when teddy grahams remind you of him.
Nope. And what does that mean?

3. ...when you don’t have the channel noggin so you wake up early at 945 on summer mornings to catch Degrassi at 10 on mtv hoping its an episode that drakes in a lot.
I've never watched a sigle episode of Degrassi, but I am a fan of making fun of it in long reviews.

4. ...when every ringtone on your phone is drake related.None of mine are!

5. ...when you get a So Far Gone tattoo.
I don't have any Drake related Tattoos and I don't like this one.

I think this might be the bigger fan though...

6. ...when you promote Drake to everyone like your his manager and when they pay him a compliment, you reply thank you.
Eh...I never even talk about Drake unless I'm talking about Common.

7. ...when you cry like baby when he falls on stage in your hometown and then you push bitches out of the way cause your pissed.
I actually like that he fell, that's funny...and nobody should touch anyone else. Grow up, kids.

8. call 3 barnes and nobles and 2 borders within a 30 miles radius of your house looking for the Fader Magazine. And then you drive 20 minutes to pick it up
I'm not even sure what this means. But I know I didn't do it. Fader? Really? Buying magazines (do people still do that?).

9. ...when one of ya’ teacher comes to you and asks you about him because she heard about him so much and people told her that you the person she looking for.
Teachers are the worst, especially when you the person she looking for.

10. ...when you spaz out when you watching a youTube video.
The first Drake video we ever watched was when we had to write this review, and nobody spazed out anything...unless spaz means "sat quietly".

11. ...when you here he’ll have a small clip on 106 and park and set your TV to record the whole week. You know, just to make sure.
106 & Park! Is that still around? I've never watched an episode of that. I used to watch Rap City though. 

12. ...when you have a section of Drake pictures in your phone and you put a lock code cause ya’ friends stay making fun of you
Nope. Good move locking that down though.

13. ...when you let your mother listen to all your Drake mixtapes, and now she’s a bigger fan than you are.
I'm glad that Drake is uniting famlies, but I don't have a mother or a Drake mixtape. :(

14. ...when you’ve considered making a shrine to him in your closet but decided not to because that’s a little too much. (think Helga in “Hey Arnold”)
No thoughts of making a shrine, and have no idea about Helga or "Hey Arnold". I guess I'm out the loop! **SPAZ** LOOL.

15. ...when you don’t answer your phone for your friends because your on the internet reading up on Drake.

Friend: What are you doing, why didn’t you answer your phone?
Me: I was “Draking” off.
Friend: OMG, that’s all you ever do!

Eh...I've done some "reading up" on Drake (actual research), but I would still answer my phone..and I've never, ever, ever "Draked" off.

16. ...when you defend his old hairstyle on a regular basis. (You know, the mixed kid jewish afro he had from the old Degrassi days.
I don't think I've ever defended anyone's hairstyle. I usually fit into the 'mock everything including hairstyles" camp, chumps.

17. ...when your friends call you drake when your name is really…
Nope. Call me Drake and get punched.

18. ...when you memorize not only the lyric but the sound effects and adlibs to his songs

19. ...when everyone at work calls you a ‘Drake Head’
Nope. My coworkers call me a 'recovering alcoholic'.
20. ...when you think you caught Drake eating cheesy fries at the mall lol
That's a lol that I've never done.

21. ...when you’re flipping channels on a Sunday morning and stop on the old school Degrassi episodes and wait until you see Aubrey, smile like a geek then change the channel again.
Didn't we already do this one?

22. ...when nearly 50% of your iPod is Drake’s music.
My Drake content is offically at 0% (except for maybe a few guest spots that I don't remember and that one terrible J. Cole song guest. Barf!)

23. ...when his songs come on in the club & your singing it at the top of your lungs word for word.

24. ...when you have his Twitter page bookmarked & you check it every other day
Nope. I check my Twitter page for ways to earn a free $1,00 Target gift card!

25. ...when you and your friend make a video remix of Drake’s hits and Diddy “Hello Goodmorning and upload it to youTube.
Nope. Friends should STOP you from doing this.

26. ...when you thought about carving his face into a bar of soap
Nope. Also, that is really odd.

27. ...when every week you change your blackberry wallpaper & it’s a Drake picture.
Nope. My wallpaper is of my grandkids (jk).

28. ...when you need to watch one of his youtube videos right before you go to bed just to get a better sleep at night.

29. ...when your boyfriend is giving you  …. and you accidentally call him Drake
Nope. This one sounds made up.

30. ...before you go to a concert you do your excited dance.
Never been to a Drake concert, wouldn't be that excited about it.

31. ...when you can’t help but buy every magazine he’s in, and as you look at the pictures you take a deep breath and all you can say is OHHH MYYYY GODDDD!! Real slow as you flip to the next Picture!
Nope. Where do these people get all this magazine money?
32. ...when you send a text to everyone you know threatening their lives if they dont go buy TML!
I've never done this. But I want someone to send me this text and see if I'm laughing or plotting revenge.

33. ...when you’re at his concert and your friend feels like she’s gonna faint, and you just leave her sitting on the floor in the middle of the crowd because Drake just came out…
I wouldn't leave a man down from my team Drake or no Drake.

34. ...when you listen to “Thank Me Later” on your iPod, then change your mind and listen to the CD then change your mind AGAIN and listen to it on your iPod!
I don't have any Drake songs anywhere.

35. ...when you go and buy every copy of Thank Me Later at your Best Buy
I sincerely hope that Best Buy goes out of business forever soon. This isn't helping.

Thank Me Later...Drake!! from Crooks & Castles on Vimeo.
Good Grief! Drake should be thanking that guy!
36. ...when you have all his youtube videos as your favoirtes and his background on ur twitter page or even have a wallapaper of him on your laptop as ur backround.

37. ... when you get jealous and/or semi pissed at some of the girls he has been linked with.
I don't even get remotely pissed.

38. ...when you completely STOP watching Degrassi after he left the show.
I stopped watching it before I saw even one episode, and I didn't even see that one.
39. ...when you keep a spare TML cd in every car you get into, my dad’s, my own, my sister’s and the bf’s.
CD's! Hahahahah! What R those?

40. ...when you got your puppy singing brand new.
Nope. Someone call PETA!

41. ...when your friends can’t get you to shut up about him cause you talk about him 24/7, 7 days aweek
I can (and do) shut up about Drake 24/7, 7 Days a week (uh, isn't that what the '7' means'?).
42. ...when the main reason you have Twitter is for the off chance Drake will Tweet something to you
I have Twitter for the articles and didn't we already cover this one?

43. ...when your friends think you know Drake personally because you know everything about him.
Nope. Your friends are dumb.

44. ...when your driving around and see a group of girls and blast drakes music to let them know whats really good lol…
I've never done that, but I bet that their eyes were opened.

45. ...even after watching Drake shake his head like a bobble head you still love him!
Still don't really like him.

46. ...when you win a burping contest because you burped drake’s whole name/or one of his lines to a song
I'm sure that this is very common contest, but I've never even thought about burping Drake's name.

47. ...when someone skips a track on a Drake cd and you get mad, and make them go back.
Drake fans love CDs! I wouldn't know if a track was skipped on any Drake album ever.

48. ...when your skipping through songs on the radio and then you hear drakes voice and spazz out and blast it in your car for everyone to hear
I don't spazz and I don't listen to the radio (except for NPR, and if Drake came on there I wouldn't spazz.).

49. ...when you searched millions of websites just to listen or read his lyrics or to find more info. about him.. even if the pargraphs are 10 pages long. AND; you get excited when you see his offical fan page!
A 10 page paragraph! I definately wouldn't read that...I feel like this list is 10 pages long.

50. ...when you annoy your friends updating them about Drake, when they never seem to care
I'm sure this Drake post will annoy my friends, but I wouldn't call this an update.

51....when you had a countdown on your desktop for thank me laterrr!!!
No countdown, no thanking anyone at any time, only spell later with one 'r'.

52. ...when you get excitied to clean up a two story house because that’s the only time that you can listen to his cd.
I don't have a two story house, and I don't clean (and I don't listen to Drake). Also, how is it the only time you can listen to it is while you're cleaning? I call bologna on that. Can you not listen to it while you're walking, chilling out, eating, resting, talking on the phone, driving, working out, or updating your Drake fan site?

53. ...when your 30 about to turn 31 and you listen to Drake all day as if your a teenager!!
I'm not 30.

54. ...when your friends call you Mrs Aubrey Drake Graham because they know how much your in love with him.
If anyone called me "Mrs." anything, I'd cut 'em.

55. ...when you read this whole list ^ and watched every single video till the end!
DAMMIT! I read this whole list. But I didn't watch the videos all the way through, so I'm still safe: not a Drake fan.

I’m a Drake fan because… I think it’s a bit obvious 

How do you know your a drake fan?


You know, out of fifty fucking five points, not one of them said this:

You know you're a Drake fan becasue you enjoy his music and you look forward to future releases.

That seems like the obvious one, but who knows. I guess we're not Drake fans. We didn't agree with any of the above statements. Too bad, right? Fans are the worst . Each one of these points are the worst.

Tort Team Drake Fan Score 0/55
Drake Fans Score 0/55

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