Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best & Worst of 2011

Today we're honoring ourselves! TORT TEAM! WHAT! TORT TEAM WHAT?

It's just your typical best of / worst of post. Nothing special. Also, note that this post is ineledgeble for "worst post" because it would easily win that honor since it is literally the worst post we've ever done.

Let's start with the winners:

Track of the year:
Freeway Feat. Tek “Two Kings”

Honorable Mention:
A-Y "Fall Back"

This was a difficult one, especially with Showbiz and A.G. coming out so strong at the end of the year. A-Y could have easily taken it all, but I'm a sucker for anything BCC...add to that the scratching of "the king" at then and nobody else really had a chance (Philly Stand UP).

Disagree or say "I think not" and get got.

Tort Team Best Post of 2011:

Member of the Wu-Tang Clan of the Year:

Cappadonna for his verse on I Don’t Care from Vast Aire’s "Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey"

Editor's Note: this may have been released in 2010 (hence the title) but it came out so late that it didn't make the play list until this year. This song and Vast Aire are dope 2011 'til infintiy.

Not to mention Cuban Link Kings and other stong work:

Cappadonna - Cuban Link Kings by Justis Hype

West Coast Roller of the Year:
Xzibit for “Highest Form of Understanding (H.F.O.U.)” feat. Trick Trick
We know this came out in 2010 but it’s still the best of 2011 - it will continue to be the best every year until someone comes close to topping it (stand up West Coast). Everyone here officially loves this track.

But we’re not known for our love. Let's get to what we love: HATIN'!

Biggest Wu-Mistake of the year:

Yo Meth, this is absolutely nothing like the St. Ides commercial or even the Super Gameboy commercial. YOU BLEW IT. Scroll up to that Xzibit video (or any of the tracks above) then reconsider your career choices.

Worst Song of the year overall:
LMFAO – Whatever this is.

Worst Mixtape of the year:
Traizey "Daily News Vol.1"

No contest.

Worst Tort Team Post:
OFWGKTA: TCOTCEC - We honestly just gave up.

Blap Blap. Life is good.

2011 Score 10/10

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